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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Your proposition is highly flawed for several reasons, which makes me doubt whether you are in practice.

1. "what if the AI bot can do it far better and with less mistakes" is a sweeping statement. If you do research and look at what those legal AI platforms can currently do at the moment, we are still at a stage where human input is highly needed and there is still a long time to come such a regime comes to place.

2. Every file/matter is different. If you are a lawyer, you will realise a good one will never simply use the cookie cutter or a copy and paste method or the while. Yes, precedents may be generated, but if you let AI do the work and back off from the matter, I wish you all the very best.

Don't simply make assumptions just because you keep reading articles on "how AI is disrupting the world." Do your own research.
Alright I am at the forefront of law and technology, and when we talk AI platforms we are not talking about those adopted by the big 4 currently but by the white shoe and magic circle.
Iím not the original OP. But let me tell you if you have not been in the legal teams of American banks like JPM and GS, you are way behind your timeÖ

A lot of the works are done in house today. Less work are being farm to the law firms, except for LOs. And LOs in the law firm can actually be done by a bot, things like contract express etc. yes programming needs to be done once, and that the partner can do and fine tune with a paralegal. Why Iím wasting time to explain this instead of writing my journals is simply because Iím trying to pay it forward. Iíve been shown quite a lot of kindness by my giants in the field.
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