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Keep stroking your own ego to sooth your wounded pride by saying it is more rigorous and harder. No point doing a more rigorous course if you are not even going to be well rewarded in terms of compensation and benefits, especially if you are deemed as a cost centre instead of a profit centre. Look at the prestige of the companies accepting EE grads in the EE industry and compare to the big tech firms, and that is if the EE grad was not already scared off by the content of their course to continue doing EE in their career. Face it. EE will never win CS in either prestige or salary and privileges. If big tech was not a thing, programming modules in EE would be dreaded by the cohort, especially if the EE grad is not aiming to do anything that would involve programming in the job scope, such as power.

Indeed, CS alumni should be helping to watch out for themselves and their juniors. Bootcamps and "a few modules" does not produce the standard of a CS grad, much less even a Year One one. More should be done to maintain the standards and proficiency required for tech jobs so as to prevent pretenders from sneaking into and masquerading as able to do tech jobs.

Fully agree with what you said! In fact the government should regulate and ban non CS majors from entering CS fields, and prosecute those who circumvent these rules, just like how the law, medicine and dentistry industries are protected. I'm sure you don't want a stupid EE major with pathetic A level results performing a heart bypass surgery on you isn't it?

This is the only way to protect the prestige and the high level of technical skills needed to do well in the industry. So what if EE majors can pass tech interviews? Everyone know they are inferior in IQ deep down and this will adversely affect the company long term. Stop the rot early!
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