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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Really sad that juniors on this forum fixated on money money money.

Law is a profession like the apprentice.
You train under a good mentor for a stipend. You learn a craft for a lifetime.
If one chases after money, then there is no nobility in the work.

Law is one of the oldest profession in the world, existing long before doctors existed.

Itís sad that comparison with a few internationals and then law folks here assume that is what everyone else is paid.

Do you know how many lawyers in the UK/US are doing PI kind of work as lawyers? Do they whine and ask why they are not in the white shoe etc? Because someone has to do the job, and they believe in the nobility of the legal profession.
Its a bold assumption to say that PI lawyers believe in the "nobility" of the legal profession. Ever heard of the term ambulance-chasers?

Do you know how much the top plaintiff lawyers in the US make? Easily several times more than senior rainmakers in the top white shoe firms. They are legends.

In Singapore, I bet you don't know how much the founder of Hoh Law Corporation makes. It is A LOT. Yes, that Hoh Law that law students all look down on. He's literally a businessman, not a lawyer.

These people do crap law work not because of some sense of "nobility" but because they didnt have the inclination or grades to get in the top corporate firms. But in the end it doesn't matter because if they're good, they will make it rain either way.
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