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Default Non-CS getting tech jobs hate train choo choo

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why are fellow CS alumni not protecting other fellow CS colleagues? Do you all really want some one from a NON-CS majors to take the short cut by clearing some random coding modules online and then stealing our tech jobs? Time to protect our rice bowls pls.

I'm seeing more and more non CS graduates clearing tech interviews (maybe in less prestigious firms) and job hopping and soon they will overtake CS graduates. Be careful of these cancer.
Are there non-CS courses that are not taking shortcuts? I know of people doing engineering majors in both NUS and NTU that have some aspect of programming as foundational and cores. Sure, an awesome CS grad can come up with the most efficient algorithm for a given problem. Not like non-CS majors get to that depth, so don't worry about that part. Also, if they "take the short cut by clearing some random coding modules online", either the course is too easy, or there is a level they are at. But in the opinion of Professor Ben Leong, not like auch bootcamps lead to the level required of big tech.

I will throw in the reality that some renowned institutions have Electrical Engineering amd Computer Science together in the same department as EECS. MIT is one of them among others that have it that way. Looking down on someone just because they are not from Computer Science? Then do "better universities" than the autonomous universities in Singapore have it wrong by grouping Computer Science together with Electrical Engineering?

Ah whatever, there is a hate train here for Engineering grads applying for and getting tech roles. So much for Asian parents wanting their kids to be one of three professions. Or maybe there is still three, just that Engineer was replaced by Programmer/Coder/Computer Scientist/Software Engineer
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