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Ha. U apply evidence based medicine u go home eat porridge.
Take eye stye for example. U go gp, it will be lubricating eye drops, antibiotic eye drops and even oral antibiotics. Easily 60 bucks per consult.
The patient then come to me 1 week later complaing why not better, I tell them the treatment is to press your eye with a warm towel 3 times a day. Then they ask me why the gp give so many eye drops not working and u telling me warm towel can liao?

I tell them , to make money la! Tell u warm towel only can charge u 18 bucks Nia. Give u meds can earn more! But the gp should at least tell them some right things..(or maybe the gp himself dunno)

Many fly by night gp out there la. I understand no choice need to make money. But u have pple with mrcs going to setup gp clinic...duh. Some diabetic patient come to me and say they cannot pay for their empoglofozin cos it's 120 dollars per mth. Wah Rao. Haven't give Metformin already go second line, use some brains la, now u permantly lose a patient to polyclinic Liao. We more busy, u less business.

You are correct. But it is also what the patient's expectations are. Many medicines. Go see Dr only get advice pay $18 is not worth it. Go see doctor get a bag of medicines pay $60 is worth it.

As long as Singapore still allows anyone with MBBS to open GP clinic you will continue to have this kind of standard. Also patients dont really know what good medicine is. What EBM is. They go based on "how nice" the doctor is. How well the dr meets their expectations. Nothing to do with EBM.
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