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At the end of the day, being in medicine, you have to realize that it is a life of service - as cliche as it may sound. For the time finance blood sweat tears risks involved, the remuneration is not great.
Many people write beautiful essays to enter med sch. But after med sch, some just want an easy life / go for prestige and money. Nothing wrong with all these, but if these are your only motivations then you will be really disillusioned along the way.
Thank you for your answer.
I asked because 30 hours seem crazy, I can't even stay awake 20 hours. And I am not the smartest out there... no awards, no nothing. How do I know I can survive medicine before entering medicine. If the school selects you, does that mean you are good enough? That you probably can make it?
I wanted to do medicine because i want to work for doctors without borders. But people tell me its too idealistic and that to do medicine it is more than wanting to help people
I should be a therapist or a psychologist instead
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