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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You're from EEE. Even if you managed to sneak through DBS Tech Seed, your colleagues will look down at you and if I'm your manager, I'll find ways to make sure you resign.
Got so much time to spread negativity to strangers on forums ah? Really think that subjects and grades matter that much when you're in a fresh-grad working environment?

Ever considered that sometimes non-CS majors (like EEE majors) spend the effort to learn programming in their spare time and then go way out of their comfort zone to apply for the jobs they think they'll learn from? I personally got **** grades in school but after completing a couple of software internships I learned way more about applying good code practices than I ever did in school.

Speaking as someone who carried a good part of my team through the hackathon, the skill quality I saw was not solely based on what they had majored in before. And the ones I saw the most potential in were the teammates who did their best to contribute to the team, laugh once in a while, and learn with an open mind from peers.

Based on how you're talking back to this guy, I'm assuming you've gotten your foot into the tech industry in a pretty high position, so you also know that a large part of what makes us LUCKY to be able to have any programming job is the joy that comes not just from creating good code but also teaching those around us. If you don't feel this way, I'm sorry but you're missing out on the BIGGEST pro of this occupation, which is the creative and social aspects of coding and systems analysis.

Especially in batch-hiring fresh grad positions, such as SEED, where the main skill that is focused on in the hiring process seems to be how we were willing to adapt and learn DURING the event itself. And to be able to do that, they expect a certain level of understanding of tech that they tell us earlier about - git and react/angular.

I see a lot of negativity in this thread about a fresh grad job and I just don't understand why. There is not one "ultimate" fresh grad job that all of us should be competing to get. There are tons of opportunities out there, if this suits your level then apply to this. If you're accepted, think about whether it's actually what you want. If you're rejected, bro it's not the end of the world and there are better jobs out there too.

And if you're a senior tech employee at another company just trying to **** talk some fresh grads on a salary forum, why? Don't you have other things to do other than drag random kids and young adults online?

What matters is we're trying to get a job where you can code and learn more every day. If you're a senior tech employee who somehow has the time to spend on this forum (I can't imagine how you got the time though), try to be a better version of yourself online yeah?
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