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You acknowledged that there are different tiers of scholarships. Which is very true. Similar to how SAF classified different tiers of scholarships to their own CEP. Eg. SAFOS is the top tier. Go there and make no mistakes throughout your career, you would be leading a ministry at least.

LMS is nothing-anyone with a local uni placement can get this money. People here are the lowest batch of scholars and their CEP usually ends up with just a senior lt colonel thats all. Full colonel if they are ok.

No scholarship means you are a farmer. Usually you will progress really slowly and end rank is Major or Lt Colonel.
The problem is vacancy.. there are not many positions available at COL estab because of the relatively small size of our armed forces. So a lot of decent chaps holding SMS or above scholarships also wait very long at SLTC.

Similarly we have a lot of scholar HODs who are high performing in their managerial roles but wait very long for a VP(EO) opening to become vacant.

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