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Support them in what ways? Look, it all depends on whether you have the relevant skills that they have isnt it. You can go on and on about moving from BO to FO but it all depends on whether you have the necessary skills right?

For example are you cognizant of financial modelling? know how to calculate basic stuff like bond yields, capm, read balance sheets? Do you know how to perform your own analysis given a financial report in order to determine what actions to take: sell buy hold? Do you know the various assets class and their respective target audience?
I get where you are coming from, but isnít it also dependent on the team? For instance, IBD would be more focused on financial modelling of all kinds; S&T is about asset pricing and AM /WM is more on portfolio management. Some roles are also not as technical (e.g. sales people in WM/AM/S&T). Not 100% sure on this though haha.

Have you personally seen people make the switch to the front office? If so, what roles did they end up in and what skills did they have to possess?
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