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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
One of the most humble and sensible post on this forum so far.
A few goons decided to say a $20-30k salary as an assoc is the norm and everyone thinks it’s normal…
lmao troll

$4.6K is the salary of a 1-2PQE in a Chinatown firm. If you're 33 year old lawyer (i,e 6 PQE) and drawing $4.6k, I think you've got bigger issues than the low salary. If I'm a prospective client, i wouldn't even trust you to handle my case because you can't even make a rational assessment of how much salary you yourself are worth

I'm no fan of unrealistic salary expectations too, but the Big 4 scale is quite common knowledge. For mid tier firms (top 15 firms below the Big4), just apply a 20-25% discount on that and that should give you a realistic range.
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