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Am really super appreciative of your insights, thanks man!

Understand that the tricky part of MO/BO now is to go beyond BAU to add value to projects (e.g. IA projects). Do you have any tips for someone that is just starting out (essential skills/software to pick up perhaps)?
Despite all the talk of automation, you'll find that even BBs have a lot of struggle moving away from legacy systems and excel. Learn a bit of Excel VBA; almost everyone from FO to BO/MO are still stuck using spreadsheet macros: It may make your life easier, or even impress your bosses.

Talk about Python being the next 'in'-thing is still a little bit immature. Use of Python outside IT Technology and quantitative trading/risk is still pretty sparse. BBs are building new teams embedded within the many divisions (like Operations/Finance/HR), where these people have some sort of coding/automation background, to help uplift the process of those divisions. So while Python is not a must for now, banks are starting to favour people who have both functional and core programming skillsets. This trend should last for at least the next few years.

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