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The prices for condos/cars can range from affordable to crazy rich asian. With 5-6 YOE, I could use all my liquid assets + CPF to afford the downpayment on a 1.5m condo by myself if I want, but is it prudent? Probably not. I think you need to define what you want in life, and do the calculation for how much you need.

I can give you the numbers, and you can decide whether it's enough for you. Starting salaries for BB MO/BO are generally between 4k-5k. Apply an annual growth rate to this number (You can use the numbers I shared, or you can apply your own), and decide when you would want to buy a house/car.

I think "good performer" can mean many things, depending on your level/role. Some of the questions bosses may ask are: Are you contributing to huge projects? Are you increasing efficiency such that the team can reduce its headcount budget? Are you delivering value to the firm (like cost savings) that goes beyond what they are paying you? Can you communicate with senior management? Can you manage the juniors under you?
Am really super appreciative of your insights, thanks man!

Understand that the tricky part of MO/BO now is to go beyond BAU to add value to projects (e.g. IA projects). Do you have any tips for someone that is just starting out (essential skills/software to pick up perhaps)?

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