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I shall not compare promotion vs non-promotion years; some BB banks give a pay bump during promotion years, and give little during non-promotion years. Others have a more normalized pay structure that is more dependent on performance.

Increments are generally higher in both absolute and % level at the junior levels. During my first full review, I got an increment of ~25% as I was one of the few top performers. Sounds a lot, but when your base was 4k+ per month as a grad, it's actually not much. My career average is about 14% year on year (after taking into account promotions, good/bad years for the industry etc). Fortunate, as I think it's higher than most of my peers. Most of my peers with similar YOE are tracking at about 8-10% annual growth.

Of course, it's not as crazy as one would being in an FO role, and you most certainly won't be rich. But I'd still think it would give you a comfortable life.
Comfortable life sufficient to afford condo and car? Also would like to know what constitutes a good performer haha
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