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Sure. The concept of AWS does not exist for a lot of American companies, including the banks as mentioned in this conversation. Can't say for everyone, but from an MO/BO perspective, I *feel* (based on experience and asking my colleagues) bonuses are more of a absolute number rather than as a % of your salary (at least at the junior level). For analysts and associates, it tends to hover around 10-15k for average performers; lower for poor performers (all the way till 0), higher for poor performers (20-25k).

Not a VP yet (hoping to get it in the coming year or next), hence can't provide much info for that. VP/ED salaries have a larger salary band as compared to the junior level, so I'd imagine the bonus range to be wider; probably 20k upwards. "% of bonus" probably becomes a larger factor as well; can't imagine a very senior VP to be only getting 10-15k. He would be pissed lol
Thanks for sharing! Would be joining MO in a BB myself soon.

Just curious, how are the working hours and consequently WLB like? Am I at a disadvantage if I donít join the MO/BO graduate program as a fresh grad?
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