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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
1. What is TS definition of big tech?

Are talking about the likes of only the top 5 E.G amazon, apple, facebook, google, microsoft
or just broadly large MNC tech companies.

TC will definitely differ greatly across the top 5 v.s large MNC tech.

Also don't get fooled that all big tech pay surely will pay ridiculous amount of money.

2. What does your current job role and responsibility?

Different areas of work command different salary.


Given the context of just 1 YOE 70k TC, definitely is not high, probably between lower than average-average. But consider that fresh grads are able to secure 5k+ salary, and total of 14mth compensation 70k+.

Then again it's covid right now, could that also have affected the bonus received and increment after 1 year of service?

If TS feels that you are capable or/and being underpaid, then just go apply for jobs, ask for 20% increment of your annual salary, or even more if you are that confident.

Also note the risk involved, even say you got a new job, great increment, are you able to perform well enough that you will pass the probations to keep the job?
I was generalizing tech MNC that pays 'relatively' well, 6-8k base for fresh grad. Most grad can secure 5k job but it mostly stays in 5k range too.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, idk anymore) I was able to secure my position half a year before I graduate, it was one of the only few 5k offers I received when I was a student, so I took it without thinking much, all I was thinking is I can make 6 months of advance cash. Most other big tech did not want to give me a non-intern position as an undergrad.

6 months later when I graduated, I felt obligated to stay even when I think I deserve better, because idk how the next company will see me for leaving a full time role just 6 months into the job. I am not even sure now because I am only 1 year into the job, but I feel that if I stay longer I will lose more potential income.

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