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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
i would say the difference in aptitude betw 2:2s and >=2:1s is more apparent in Disputes than in Corp la
this is very true and roughly follows how it is in the UK, where barristers are perceived to be the smartest lawyers actually. The tiering system is as follows.

So at the highest level, disputes contain the smartest lawyers. These are the JLCs who remain in liti, and future SCs and Supreme Court judges, i.e. the nobility of law.

Transactional lawyers are less smart, but ironically because of the perceived prestige, corp departments are more selective in terms of grades. Transactional work doesn't really need cutting edge legal brainpower in the doctrinal law sense, so whether you're 2:1 or 2:2 doesn't really matter unless you're retarded, autistic or too ugly to present to clients. These are the bourgeoise of law.

Finally, you have the rank and file disputes that accept all those whose grades cmi to corp. these are the struggling proletarians and working class of law.
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