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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
no point asking this qn over and over again here. you are probably looking for reassurance that your fk up in uni isnt fatal to w/e career you had in mind because you feel paiseh when you compare d*ck size with your peers.

you are not going to find that reassurance here.

if you didnt do well enough in a levels to do law at nus/smu/oxbridge, thats strike one. we meme about delisted unis etc but do your hw. how many people from liverpool, manc, auckland, god knows where else are in the b4, etc. those you can find, you can count on one hand. check their background. ask if they are well connected. you are probably not.

if you didnt do well enough in w/e 2nd tier uni you went to, thats strike two. if you can get 1st from manc or leicester or southampton, still not so bad. can try b4. depending on partner, can close one eye. if you have 2:1 like 99% of overseas students...why must hire you out of all of them? see where this is going?

if you have a 2:2 from leeds or w/e, pls stop daydreaming about working for b4 corp. its not going to happen in this day and age. out of the hundreds that jump to every linkedin job ad, why do you even think your app has a chance? the tons of 2:1 from nus, the w/e cum laude from smu, the 2:1 from lse/ucl/etc. why would the partner pick your grades over the others? how to explain to fortune 500 client that a freaking b4 firm hired someone mediocre out of the hundreds of better applicants to work on their multimillion dollar matter?

its more likely that if you practise it will be chinatown firm liti. i mean if you cant take the "shame" of doing 9am mentions in ct 4a or going to mnd for yet another mediation compared to your peers who working on aviation financing or w/ only have yourself to blame. should have done better for a levels and/or uni.

why do you think you have a chance of crossing over at some point when every year newly minted grads with 1sts put themselves up for consideration? you couldnt compete with your peers then, you want to compete with someone younger and possibly cheaper than what you are asking for and who is a blank slate ready to be trained to b4 way of doing things.

not saying its impossible. you can try. but dont come away from here with the one anecdote of "eh my friend did it sia, jump here and then there" and think yes, ONE person was lucky enough to do it, i can too.

if it sticks in your craw to put tan ah kow llp in peoples park centre on your cv, go and do something else with your life. so many others like you have worked for gov where honours degree is good enough, doesnt matter what classification, or worked for banks, be backend analyst or relationship manager or whatever.

law more so than the other professions unfortunately has to look at grades. you f*cked up in sch. these are the consequences.
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