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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
There is an opportunity cost.
Say if u wanna go overseas and no money, taking a stat board scholarship is reasonable.

But do not expect you be parachuted into high position
Coz in general stat board scholarships aren't rank very high as OMS scholarship

So u must consider your outcome, do u like the stat board organization and the work . If yes take it, if No don't.

Compared to a farmer entering a stat board, your scholarship do put u at and advantage in the stat board promotion

People misunderstand the definition of scholarships. They think that scholarships automatically grant them high flying career.

However this only holds true for OMS scholarships. Other ministry or stat board scholars u are just a little higher than typical nus ntu farmer

Hi! Specifically, do you know what the "ceiling" might be at ? Perhaps PSC scholars may reach perm sec, for stat board scholars, possible to hit ceo or dep ceo or maybe crossover to admin service ?
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