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NUS student here who regretted getting caught up in the NUS law circlejerking in RJC and not going overseas to study law when my parents could afford to do so.
I feel that Singapore is going downhill over the years. Ten years ago B4 NQ average pay is 5k now its still 5k. Meanwhile BTO price was 300k ten years ago now 600k. In real terms that means the B4 NQ pay in 2021 is 2.5k of 2011 dollars.

I think the overseas UK/AU grads will have the last laugh over NUS/SMU grads as at least they can lateral into UK/AU firms when the Singapore economy collapse.
The reality is that it is a bad time to enter into the profession, wake up and sober up. It is a bad time to do anything, from getting a job to getting a gf. What you should do to lessen chances of failures is to have a non-interventionist approach in this flaw system and not rock the boat. Just sit down, relax and let things come to you. Donít hustle, donít believe that hard work is everything. If CECA or foreign grads take your jobs, let it be, nothing is worth sacrificing your mental health for. Because doomsday might be coming soon, so enjoy life and take it easy.

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