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Local bank employers all very frog in a well kind of mentality. To them, joining a local bank makes sense because locally the bank has a big consumer base eg. Dbs. Thats all. They dont think about getting international brand name and rep because they have never imagined themselves working overseas or even living overseas. To them, singapore is all there is. Its the safest and most comfortably secured country to live their lives. Nothing wrong with that kind of mentality, we are brought up to not question too much and dont be too curious about the world beyond our shores. This is what keeps us living and working in singapore. Singapore cant afford a brain drain because manpower is all there is in a country without natural resources and therefore this narrative was created.
I personally don't wanna live in Singapore for my entire life. Definitely not when I'm still young. Big 4's workload is crazy but it gives me opportunities to work abroad, to see the world and have a different perspective. Like it or not, Big 4 firms are world renowed brand names while nobody knows what's DBS or OCBC outside Asia or even JP/KR.

I don't wanna be simply working in Singapore, living in a HDB and buying a car that can only be used for 10 years
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