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Hi have worked/am working in some of these banks before, and in some of these functions as well (ambiguity for anonymity sake). The BBs dont generally distinguish between BO and MO. They are just "not FO". Having said, these are accounting related roles, hence sitting in finance. Two of the largest groups within finance are legal entity controllership ( where u look after the pnl/balance sheet of an entity, make sure it is properly funded, or that it fulfils regulatory capital requirements etc. The other major group is product controllership, where u talk to traders and make sure their desk pnl/risk is booked properly.

The roles you have shown are generally the first (entity controllership). They tend to like hiring auditors types, although there are many who are not as well. But all roles will require accounting knowledge.
They do actually. Some roles in top BBs are actually named XYZ MO (Middle Office). Think of trade support, risk, client services etc.
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