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Default Estate Manager (Customer Relations) Interview

Hi Senpais!

I applied for the Estate Manager (Customer Relations) position (closing date 6th May) and was shortlisted for the role. I have a few questions and would appreciate any advice for them

1) There is a written assessment that must be completed prior to the interview. What does this test entail?

2) How crucial is it to be fluent in two languages? I'm comfortable with English but my Chinese sucks, so I am wondering if this will haunt me when carrying out my day-to-day responsibilities.

3) When it comes to development opportunities, such as job rotations / secondments / cross-functional work teams / special projects, are there estate managers that took up such functions? Are such chances available to the average performer? Or must we be highly visible to be nominated for them?

4) Which estate group (estate administration & property / housing management / community relations) would a manager (customer relations) fall under, and what is the environment / culture like in the group?
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