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Hahahaha this is so funny. I see BB MO/BO kids talking down to B4 peeps but you guys are just equally as bad if not worse in the eyes of BB FO guys. I’m guessing you got ridiculed or treated like dirt by FO guys in your day to day, that’s why you’re here to vent it out on B4 guys. Instead of spending so much time on this forum to talk to down to others, make sure they do a proper job of clearing trades and work double time to clear KYC. Or better, improve your skills so you can get out of your dead-end MO/BO role.

Source: Associate at BB Global Markets who can’t stand the ego of some of these MO/BO pricks
Source your mom la. I’m from MO/BO and honestly all these FO “ridiculing” and “treated like dirt” is fking BS. At least not in SG and the BB that I am at. Which desk are you on “Associate”? You think you in WSO LOL

Anw, the pay + hours are 100% better in MO vs Big 4 and believe it or not, I have offers from many consultancies (PM roles) throughout my stint. Allow me to explain (since you’re obviously not in BB MO). Most of the clearing and settlement etc are now handed offshore (eg in India) and typically pure-play MO roles based in SG are more focused on IA projects now (if you are in the industry, you would know that the market is flooded with PM roles now at both the ED, VP and ED levels).
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