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What are you on about mate. Thereís no magic skill set that makes a foreign lawyer better than a Singaporean lawyer. Most leave because they like most young people now donít see a long term future in practice.

Favour cannot eat. 2 years earning MC, mid atlantic or cravath already better than 2 years as associate or senior associate in big 4. Different strokes for different folks. You want to be business owner asap stay in local firm become partner make it rain. You want high paying job and better recognition for in house roles go international.

Thatís even before refuting the argument that local lawyers cannot thrive in international firms. Its not even about work ethic. Singaporeans in general are already more studious and hardworking than most foreign talent. Its about working smart and being able to build relationships with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds, countries, races etc. Many have thrived and many will continue to. You just need the awareness and humility to learn and recognise that Singapore is but a small cog in the global machinery of commerce.
You must have hailed from a delisted law school to be saying such things.
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