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Elon Musk couldn't give 2 hoots about MBA. So does Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs as well. So what makes you think one can fly based solely on one's MBA?
A lot of Singaporeans don't understand that a Degree, MBA, Phd, professional certifications like PMP are theoretical qualifications that show an employer that an education institute has certified your ability to do certain jobs. But these need to go hand in hand with your experience and achievements.

"I have an MBA"
The employer still cannot link themselves to this statement.


"I led projects to successful launch with Cisco"
"I designed the product development procedure to cater to customer context and was accepted by Seagate"
"I designed the product which led to acceptance by Micron"
"I reduced customer complaint from Toshiba from 1000ppm to 200ppm"
The employer immediately opens up and will want to find out more. This creates a linkage with your potential employer to put you ahead of your Competitor.

Yes paper qualification is Good. But it does not stop there because it needs to lead to something.
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