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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I agree with you that Oxbridge is a fringe school. I'm just pointing out that his PEP analysis used the top UK firm and the mid US firm.
Do you also wonder why Singaporeans are obsessed with and glorify UK institutions in general? Not just Oxbridge, but even lesser institutions like LSE, Imperial and UCL? I mean with the latter two, you're getting down to NUS levels of sh*tiness. That's pretty damn embarrassing.

Could it be that our local universities are just that bad, that we unironically consider Oxbridge 'elite'? Elite in sinkieland, sure, but like I said - bring your Oxbridge degree to Wall Street and see how well you do in the financial and cultural capital of the human race. Where it really matters

Or maybe I'm overthinking this and there's just one too many Oxbridge graduates in here giving each other blowjobs. This is the most likely scenario, given how easy it actually is to get accepted into Oxbridge relative to HYPSM, and how many 'scholars' our government sends there every year 😂
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