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Not easy to get rp job la. Every year got 180 gdfm graduates , so lots of gdfm for picking. Why do bosses even want to hire rp? The rps are all foreigners recruited long ago when poly wasnt a preferred place.
Now they becoming a dead weight to the system. Hope they all get sacked.

Go private? Private gp life no good. So many private gp want to come back to ops and went to do
3 years ago program b is no one want to do. This year they have to conduct situation test , mcq to differentiate candidates. It's now a 2 year course.
Solo private gp hard to make a living with TPA and covid. Everything u settle including cme , insurance , manpower issues. No MC, no annual leave. Earning pressured by TPA. Landlord increase rent u suck thumb. All this ok if u earn 5 times Ur polyclinic doctor pay, but currently they probably have to work v hard to earn double a fp annual pay. When u divide by per hour, private gp might not earn much more.
And in reality , at the level of salary difference between 10k and 15k, life style not much different.
U can't buy Ur bungalow, u still probably stay in a HDB and drive a Japanese car.

What if you just join a chain group gp(e.g raffles, healthway, northeast medical grp etc)
You will just be an employee right, no need deal with rental tpa all these stuff?
And you can locum in your off day to supplement your income (something that Drs in ops can't do)

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