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Youíre underpaid, but the offer is still an approx. 20% increment which is OK. I would take it if I were you, if you donít have any other offers. Much of salary/job progression depends on circumstances and luck. There are only so many positions in BB/foreign banks anw so donít be too disheartened by the comments here. Continue to keep a look out for opportunities even when youíre in your new role, and donít make the same mistake of spending too much time in the same organisation.
Spending much time in an organisation is not necessarily a bad thing. It's more of pay and progression stagnating that's bad. In a competitive environment where talent is paid what it's worth, it could be good to stay. Going by OP's 4.1k salary after 5 years and 23 days of annual leave, I'm guessing he's in OCBC, which is a local bank and generally speaking not a place you want to stay at for more than a few years. Pay and progression cannot match foreign banks.

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