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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
after avp whats the titles?
The titles in PSA are small compared to banks and even civil service.

A bank AVP is around PSA's M/SM, VP = AVP1, SVP = VP, etc.

I would say AVPs only comprise about 1-3% of total PSA employee numbers, hence you must really be a top performer to get there. Unlike civil service you don't get to retire at your CEP rank if you hang on long enough.

When seconded overseas an employee will typically take on an external title.. eg a M can be a GM if he is leading a smaller BU; an AVP could be a MD or CEO/CFO/COO/Director..

hope this helps.

Exec -> Sr Exec -> AM -> DM

Section Managers:
-> M -> SM

Department Managers:
-> AVP (2 levels. AVP2 can sometimes be titled Head)

VP (at least 2 levels, VP2 can sometimes be titled Head) -> SVP -> C-suite
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