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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
ST now gives higher pay but remove stock options, aws, and it seems the bonus quantum is small. Actually is it even better than the previous system?
It's exactly the same monetarily but good that you don't have to wait until bonus to quit. Quit anytime also can. When they change the scheme, one of the main concern is that whether the bonus will be affected.

The HR answer was "performance bonus" still exists.
But in reality last time 2 to 3 months. Now become 1 to 2 months cause its been "factored" into the base.

But then it's aws factored in what. Not performance bonus. Why performance bonus also reduced?

Performance bonus depends on the company performance what. If company perform well the performance bonus remains the same what. But somehow they can twist to "oh new pay scheme so bonus now is less"

My side rhe outsource performance bonus now is only 0.5 months. Its so pathetic.
At least outside contract that doesn't have "performance bonus" got 1 month aws.

Then those senior management pay keep getting higher. Bonus keep getting better.
What a joke. Wirh those useless management not able to bring in project.... What basis to give them good bonus and 10k to 15k per month at the expense of your engineers pay.

ST Engineering? More like ST Management firm la.
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