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i personally have offers from citi and jp for associate after 2years in seed. 2 colleagues in the programme have left for goldman after less than 2years in seed getting higher than me. only bank that i got clear rejection from is morgan stanley and only because they dont hire singaporeans for the roles i want. seed still too new to see the long term benefits but so far, getting opportunities to all this banks means alumni are highly sought after. posting from unregistered want talk about linkedin? LOLs fkin reject really. if you really think u that good, you wont be in a thread about a programme for fresh grads, especially since u are not part of it

>get rejected from programme
>bookmark seed thread to anonymously bash everyday
>hopefully all the good people get scared dont want join so u only have to compete with people your level.
highly sought after? how many ppl in ur batch and how many of them actually managed to escape and leave for better offers elsewhere? wah, jp citi offer u?! then why u still @ dbs??!! lj, like that i also can say faang offer me but is contract and same pay so i nvr quit.

sry leh kor kor, didnít know u are forum moderator. im in this thread cus im browsing and wld like to provide valuable info to some of the lurkers here. can not kor kor? cmon, the very fact that you are still in dbs + not competitive enough to land tech roles elsewhere after graduation speaks volume.

still waiting for you to post ur linkedin big shot
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