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1. dbs pays the highest out of the local banks for years. check the other threads if u need confirmation.

2. seeders get promoted faster than direct hires assuming both at the same skill level/experience.

3. this problem idk what to say, but i was given plenty of time and resources to choose what i want to learn.

4. lol not true. see how many salty people in here and u know alot of people get rejected. only people who benefit from shitting on this programme are those on waiting list or those who completed the programme wanting to share. all i see are people trying to brag about their better job. think about it, who from a FAANG or any respectable company will take their time to join a discussion about a fresh graduate programme to say they have a better job/more pay

5. i dont see how this is an issue. most people wfh now
Hahaha ********. If it was that good their turnover wouldnt be so high alr
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