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1. dbs pays the highest out of the local banks for years. check the other threads if u need confirmation.

2. seeders get promoted faster than direct hires assuming both at the same skill level/experience.

3. this problem idk what to say, but i was given plenty of time and resources to choose what i want to learn.

4. lol not true. see how many salty people in here and u know alot of people get rejected. only people who benefit from shitting on this programme are those on waiting list or those who completed the programme wanting to share. all i see are people trying to brag about their better job. think about it, who from a FAANG or any respectable company will take their time to join a discussion about a fresh graduate programme to say they have a better job/more pay

5. i dont see how this is an issue. most people wfh now
1. Pay the highest out of all local banks doesnt mean highest in the industry (banking). If a company is reputable, it should have the ability to pay less yet attract talent. Just see MBB comp vs Tier 2 consultancies + how EBs comp as opposed to BBs. The interpretation of offering the highest salary (disclaimer: just amongst DBS, UOB and OCBC) is thus subjective.

2. Not guaranteed. And not surprising considering it’s a grad programme. Regardless, still sluggish vis-a-vis the industry avg for someone who joins a graduate programme after uni.

3. Yup, not specialised and hence no bargaining power. This explains why you’re still stuck in DBS despite “receiving offers from many global banks”. In short, career and salary progression is abysmal for SEEDers even if you wish to leave. Other companies wouldn’t pay a premium.

4. Almost everyone knows DBS SEED hires a huge bunch of grads every year. Most are just trash (as seen in previous complaints here about AC candidates). It’d do you good if you learn how to differentiate when someone is being honest vs being salty.

5. Not gonna be 100% WFH and eventually employees will return back to office. If I’m not mistaken, Gupta actually sees the need for physical interaction at the workplace (actually said this in an interview). Anyway, most of my friends in DBS tech still has to go back to the DBS Asia Hub for meetings, take stuff, rectify stuff and return stuff during COVID.
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