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Does Honour class play a part in CEP? Always had an impression it only affects starting pay.

Joined in 2015, 2nd lower but with NS, got GEO4 this year. Part of the school's internal COVID task force for HBL, social distancing etc since 2020. Also part of school NE committee. So I am involved when it comes to NDP concert, civil defence day, that sort of stuff.. Gotten C, B, B for the past 3 years.

My colleague, non scholar, female, but 1st class, joined in 2016, got GEO4 last year. She claimed she had B only once and it was not recent and gotten C- last year. In fact, she doesn't even have any committee assignments last year, so even she herself was surprised about the promotion.

Feeling about salty about it, considering I served NS. I am wondering if it's because of the difference in Honours that had an impact on her promotion time frame and CEP or she's just a lucky chap?
P has the biggest role to play, which makes the system so flawed. Some may look at honours and whether you're a scholar. Some may choose to focus on holistic performance, while others may value specific areas of work, or nitpick at one area and use it as a basis to determine CEP. Who knows?
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