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Originally Posted by MNC PJM View Post
I am the MNC PJM
Wow... Didn't expect the response to go this way.

I am not from your company so I can only try to base your question on my limited experience to provide you with answers.

Based on your question, I summarize your problem as:
"Project Engineering function produced Test Tooling for Trial without Customer approval for Tooling"
I think it will be pertinent to ask yourself some questions first.

1. Is there a defined product development process?
* 1a. What is this PDP based on? What are the gates and deliverables defined in the process? Can you share?
* 1b. Do you have a Master Service Agreement with your customer (now ex customer) signed that also covers compensation in the case of project reversal? Where is this master service agreement located in the PDP?* How often do you review the relevance of the Master Service Agreement if you use a generic one?

2. Does your process clearly defines when tooling can be fabricated?
* 2a. Which gates must be bought off by your team before your tooling can gain clearance for fabrication?
* 2b. Who are the stakeholders for this gates clearance? Does it include engineering?

3. Where did Engineering get the budget to produce that first tool for trial?
* 3a. How did engineering get approval for this budget? (You need to really look into residual budgets left over from previous projects or existing budgets from other projects within the engineering department. Did they transfer money from other projects into this project?)
* 3b. Preparing tooling needs raw materials (How did it clear procurement without question? You need to escalate if there is no multi-parties in their approval documents and get quality and corporate compliance team to step in).

Maybe answering these questions can help to provide some answers to your problem.
Thanx a lot I am the question asker.

1. Yes, we have a defined PDP. The PDP is an old set up based on the existing ISO9001. It was designed by a former Project manager also from another MNC when he was retrenched from there but deliverables are flexible after he left and now not all follow it. Something I really want to change. Do you have any recommendations? There is a fixed MSA for all the customers and there is a clause that covers compensation. But the MSA is reviewed only customer to customer and it is signed with customer during concept stage.

2. There is a tooling stage buy off which the stakeholders have to sign off. This is during after customer accept the concept. The stakeholders include engineering.

3. For this one I am very impressed with you. I went to check and found engineering has budget from another project that have leftover budget after their other tooling was accepted in their other still in force project. So the engineering team still has access to that other budget. But this is something I really never thought of because they submitted using the tool request of my project with the other project code using its leftover money and got approval. I already escalated this and the boss was also quite impressed with your tips and told the engineering not to do it again. Procurement also was shock because they didn't know. The other project's manager was also shock but has to include this extra expenditure into their KPI.
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