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You describe my feelings perfectly. It's like a huge sunk cost... It's good to know what I am not the only one feeling this way. Can't really talk about this to my colleagues since most of them are super gungho.

Any plans on how to advance beyond this ceiling? Climb hospital administrator route? Cosmetics?
Try to get Psc lms or president scholarship at JC. This way u can ascend up the ceo quick then minister quick.

But if you buay gan, farmer yllsom. Then must either go the

Slog it hard way in public:
nowadays hosp ceo tend to be senior clinician.
A typical NUS yllsom grad CEP at age 45 is senior con.
Continue to take on more projects, quality improvement, spearhead events, develop new service, lead jci audits, also must publish and be leader of your field
Then become hod > cmb > ceo
But again these positions require a combination of luck and hard work
Must come to work at 7 and leave at 11pm daily

Or the slog it hard way in pte:
There are 3 option
Go out become gp , set up own shop
Go out be aesthetics , set up own shop
Go sell insurance be the top of the table, or be real estate agents. Use your contacts to sell things.

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