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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The issue with tech-related jobs is that it's not so much the company you're working for but the projects available for you to work on.

I don't know much about the other 2, but i know that Govtech currently has many many interesting projects. I also heard that they hired many high performers with many years of experience overseas (there was a recruitment drive to try and attract talent back hom a couple of years ago - you can fact check this).

Based on this information, and assuming that the other 2 companies dont have as interesting projects and/or talent, my suggestion would be Govtech.

At entry level - the fact that it pays you well should be a bonus, but not your main consideration as a nonprofits.

Being able to work on exciting projects and learn from talented seniors should be your first consideration....

and if you dont know what projects the companies are working on or whom you'll be working for (plus their experience)... then my suggestion is that to start doing your homework.
This is informative enough to answer the question.
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