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Is public sector really that bad? Understand red tapes, bureaucracy and all is inevitable. What if you join those reputable ones like MAS, Govtech? Ain't they prestigious too? I get this perception that Public Service rewards `loyalty' AKA how long you stay. So if you intend to carve a long term career, it doesn't seem too bad imo. Also, Public Service does seem like a stable iron bowl. Stable work hours, reasonable pay. Is it really that bad?
P. S. haven't been there but maybe I have an overly idealistic perception. Any one in PS maybe can share more insights?
Scholar culture. If you are a non-scholar, career progression is slower than private in most cases. Unless you are really behkan. But that is not the worse part.

One does not leave the government sector easily because skills mismatch. Government procure and audit as the customer, vendor do the real thing. In government you hear all the time people saying want to quit. But when you leave it is pay cut. When you are paying off your mortgage and car loan it won’t be that easy anymore.

There are exceptional cases but rare. Speak to your working relatives or friends they will mostly agree. Also not uncommon for civil servants to have side businesses, whether official or unofficial though spouse.
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