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Depends on what you are looking for in a role. Contracts are paid higher in general to compensate for the poor intangible benefits/bonus.

Not sure why like JPMC so much. KYC in banking has high volume and manual in general.

Have an open mind to explore your options. There is only so much a KYC analyst can earn.

With your years of experience, you should be looking at a more senior or managerial role.
Hi bro, thanks for your reply.

1) After reading this forum, it dawned upon me that I shouldn’t do kyc for too long. Thus, I’ve signed up for some courses with ICA so that hopefully I can move to compliance advisory role in the near future.

2) Many people told me JPMC is the number 1 bank. If you can go into JPMC, your career future will be very bright and a fat pay cheque awaits you. I really hope that I can have a breakthrough in my career.

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