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I think alot people need to realise is that not everybody is going to be made manager or even partner. And that is really ok, depending on what their motivation is. Somebody is ok with what they are doing, some strive for excellence. And then there's politics, connections, right place in the right time etc.

Yes joining graduate program from the start will be the ideal route. But it is extremely competitive, and not everyone can make it, every cohort is relatively small. So their best bet is to go for another route via joining big 4 and working their way up.

It's easy to judge people when you think about the ideal situation.

I don't think it's right to find pleasure in bashing people's career choice because this is a sunset industry or what. End of the day I don't see tax/auditing going away for another 5 years at least. Btw I'm not in big 4, just stating facts from what I have heard and seen.
Well said, from my observations, the people who exited from big 4 have very high work ethics and ownership. They tend to progress much faster in corporate settings.
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