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Actually ST electronics strategy is to keep the management levels as permanent. They can continue to manage and lead projects. While keeping the workers below as temp ones
Because workers come and go anyway. The only way you can be considered perm in ST is to be promoted to at least a manager level from your individual contributor level.

This is the same strategy with Accenture's division which deals with govt projects. But they are abit better, they do promote people from the bottom up. But just very rarely. Bottom people are hired directly as perm positions and their career growth is accounted for. Unlike ST you chiong so many years also never convert to perm, much less career progression.
The need for management staff as permanent is understandable due to the need for stability in the company. However, like you said, put in sweat and tears for many years without any knowledge of KPI or performance not only hit morales, but also a deal breaker for many.

The number of years I was there, there was never a performance appraisal or KPI indicator discussion. Year and year do the same things, if propose something, management reject. If don't do anything, management feels never contribute enough. Truth is many outsourced staff have no idea what were their KPIs and which areas of work / character they have excelled in or need improvement / changes.

Before I left I sat down for a talk with my supervisor and he blabbered a lot of things which are of no help in any way. No help because I asked how I can further develop my skills and specialisation. What I was told was I can try to request to be PM or go into other product streams, which none was my niche. When I finally tendered, he had totally forgotten our discussion when I tried to bring back the topic. I'm not sure how many people faced similar issues as me. For someone who really want to contribute, that was a real slap in the face.
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