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Default Private sector for opportunities

I'd rank your offers this way for career progression and growth opportunities:

1. Tech consultancy MNC <> Big 4. This depends on which MNC and which Big 4.
3. Public service IT stat board.
4. Public service rotational stat board.

I did #4. Didn't write a single line of code for months. Didn't touch a database ever due to red tape. Had to deal with vendor-managed crap codebases and data. My manager, I paraphrase, said it wasn't important to know SQL and databases lol -- because they had never done a production project before with 15-20 YOE. So I left for the private sector and am much happier.

IMO, the opportunities available to a fresh grad here are better than what you've listed - they are less competitive in terms of pay and opportunities than FAANG/unicorn tier or even Shopee/Grab. If you can get into unicorn/consumer facing tech, these generally have the best opportunities for growth. This is my tier list after 2-5 YOE:

1. FAANG + Bytedance
2. Unicorn & BAT - big range here but Shopee, Grab, Lazada
3. 2nd tier ecommerce coy e.g. travel platforms
4. Softbank / big-name VC funded startups
5. IT / SWE role in big bank or MNC
6. Tech consultancy that doesn't touch govt projects -- you will be stuck doing stakeholder management
7. Tech consultancy doing govt projects

I wouldn't even put govt on this list. Experience is not transferable AT ALL for the most part and you generally will find no mentors to learn good practices from which is super important.
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