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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not 90% la.
More like 75%.

In my division of 100 people, maybe like 25 is perm.
1 M4
2 M3
5 M2
15 M1
3 E6

The rest is mostly E5 and E6 outsource with no chance of promotion of conversion.
Every year is see people come and go. Usually people leave at year 4 when they realised their contract will only keep renewed. And the perm won't leave. Like really. They either love the place so much. Or they don't have place to leave. Like don't see any perm leave in the past 10 years here. Only see they keep getting promoted higher and higher.

No. I'm one of the perm E6 and no I also don't have chance to promote cause too many M1 in my division.
Actually, whether engineers really learn a great deal in the first few years in ST does not hide the fact that when engineers leave at year 4 and 5, it is a big set back because not only these engineers are at the point when they are experienced enough to carry their projects or tasks through without much supervision but they are also senior enough to lead junior engineers.

But as you pointed out, ST has too many junior to middle management that many capable engineers lost faith in the system and simply left for other better prospects. New engineers have no one to follow because the M1s and above will likely have forgotten how to do the things which they might have conveniently pushed down previously.

I still remember before the change in the remuneration package, my job title included my specialization, which I think is important to this day because it reflected the niche or specialization of the person or engineer. After the change, my title was simply "engineer" and lumped together with the rest to fight for promotion.

Yes, I was an outsourced staff.
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