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Just another name for resident physician/Staff physician.

But most important is money.
If they are willing to offer 15k per mth just take it
15k? Got 9k all in can arm Chio liao.
Hospital principal rp essentially same salary trajectory as a associate consultant, so if u hit prp u can hit 15k after 10 years on the job.
Best rp job will be in surgery cos rounds are fast, u run some outpatient clinic and do minor ops nia, like hernia repairs, lumps and bumps etc but such jobs are rare.
Medicine rp job cannot do one, cos need to be on call forever plus weekend burnt every now and then. However these jobs readily available.
Rp are essentially stop gap measures la, you are just a warm body. No one cares about you. You will never become a important guy, u can't lead research , u are not the expert in any area.

Life sucks without a specialist qualification in hospital la essentially. A specialist requirement is the basic essential requirement for u to be somebody in a hospital.
Either u bite bullet and all the way or u be gp, fp. Dun be cheated to do hospital clinician. Even if they promise u no call now, policy change u also suck thumb. Unless they draw out a comphrensice 30 year plan for your career stamped and chop by health minster , I recommend u don't go anywhere near it.
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