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Who is this lawyer getting sued for child maintenance from his wife?

"The Father, on the other hand, was from a lower-income family where his elderly parents were retired and required financial support.[note: 6] Before starting work as a lawyer, he had spent some time completing his studies and took out study loans to do so.[note: 7] He first obtained a degree in Building, and later went on to complete a second degree in Law. It was not disputed that the Father had been in substantial debt since his first Building degree,[note: 8] and it was the Mother who had supported the Father financially prior to the marriage to assist him with his loans.[note: 9] The Mother had also paid for the Fatherís share of wedding expenses, when he used up the monetary gifts from their wedding guests and did not have sufficient funds to pay the vendors.[note: 10] Although the Father now earns a substantial income of $15,000/month as a partner in a major law firm, he continues to face a considerable amount of fixed monthly liabilities (including loan repayments)."

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There are very very few lawyers with a degree in Building. Heads up, major law firm is a giveaway.
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