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In the past its private cause Accenture ncs etc offered more. Don't have a public sector tech tech.

So sometimes later government wanted smart nation so they form govtech.
That's when govtech offered higher pay to attract back the talent. From private. From NCS. From Accenture. From Google. From silicon Valley etc.

But they also attract alot of those scholars.

So now got public sector with higher paid and scholarly and better office. So ofc choose public.
But also heard its very demanding now.

Remember covid-19, trace together. Those websites all they have to do during CNY weekend etc. Private sector not that rush and usually company will just $ to delay project. But govtech you can't. Cause gahmen say must do. Means must do...

So end up if you don't have the skills. And fake. You will suffer in govtech compared to private..
And since govtech now getting more and more "branded".

More and more scholars are going for govtech.
So you end up with a tech sector where everyone want to the leader. Everyone is 1st class honors. So the most loudest and charismatic 1st class honours become the lead.

So yep. If you are 1st class honours etc. Go govtech lo. Govtech hire alot of 1st class honours.
If you're not 1st class and you're at govtech abit embarrassing. Either that or you need master.

But I also heard high pay means you have to work more.

From customer point of view, alot of ministries say govtech charge alot.
For something simple, if they pay ncs its like 10k but govtech charge like 50k.

Why? Cause the govtech man hour so expensive. All the 1st class honours expect higher pay check.
But the quality is comparable to private sector.
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