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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not sure if this applies to all division. Most project-based new hires now are either direct ST contract or outsourced contract unless it's roles like division admin or actual manager role. So far only division admins and M3 managers and above usually come in as perm.

For project-based engineer roles to be converted is really a wayang show or the engineer is really amazing in his work.
You know why they do this?
It's to
1. Maintain power. Don't like you. Just don't renew you. Compared to if you are perm, can't fire without cause. So can only give bad performance to affect bonus. But then destroy team morale. So that's why they outsource.
2. To reduce cost. I heard each division very expensive. Cause need to justify finance etc. So every quarter the management perm kpi cannot meet. Cause financial need to show investor its making money... So that's why outsource. Those cost become soe thing else... Very funny right.
3. No project. The fact that ST never innovate or compete globally and have been "iron rice bowl" under all this management for years. Made this company very backward. And also hard to attract talent cause current company also no talent. So end up alot of perm staff with high pay but no skills. No experience. Just bullshit talk. Anything just hire outsource to do the work for them. Then promote perm.. Terminate outsource...
4. The management who are already perm have nothing to lose. They have no reason to offer perm also at the expense of their bonus and kpi.

Its the same analogy as why company would rather hire foreign worker cause cheaper. Foreign worker work harder for lower pay. Singaporean want more pay and do less.

Its only cause gahmen step in and say your ratio need to be 3 Singaporean to 1 foreigner. That's why alot of company don't do that.

But don't have law or policy that says your company must be 70% perm and 10% outsource...

So it end up with 90% outsource and 10% perm.
This problem is so prevalent that I even overhead some guys complaining "how to manage risk and assurance of project if everything is outsourced?"

Blame this on the senior management.
Senior management don't care as long as their wallet and position is secure.
Never mind this outsource practise will only leak talent.

Actually if I'm not wrong senior management alrwady said 3 years more outsource must be converted to in house contract. I dunno what la.

But all they do is just rename outsource to insource.
Nothing was changed. Just like how their reorganisation and restructuring is just renaming of legal name. Nothing is changed. Office same. People in power same. Location same. Business nature same.

Different is everyone know confuse what is called what.
Name card change. Email title changed. Even customer also confused Electronics still exists or not.
Sometimes have to tell the electronics hub still exists. It's still called electronics hub. But don't have ST Electronics anymore legally.

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