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Default Specialist Engineering Consultant

I worked as a engineering consultant for a specialized M&E scope with local SME.

Year 1: 2.7k (probation), 3.1k (confirmation)
Year 2: 3.4k then 3.9k midway through the year (changed company, still SME)
Year 3: 4.2k; then 4.7k (midway through the year, i had two increments in the same year).
Year 4: 5.2k (left for further MSc studies in the field as Covid struck)

Work wise to be frank its hell on earth. What kept me going was the somewhat encouraging wage growth and mostly, supportive colleagues from one company to another.

After grad, I’m not sure what % should i be able to demand especially if i attempt to enter MNC for the same field, given that these are tough times for the next few years….

How does this rank in the grand scheme of things? I feel its decent actually.
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