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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble.
I can summarise all your example simply as.

"got problem, I find people who can solve the problem to solve the problem"

So basically you're just a delegator.
How to test this theory?

I can run a social experiment. I prepare a handbook and give it to a student.
I ask the student to just run the steps and role play according to the book.

So chapter 1 will be like "hold kick off meeting"
Step 1: send email to participants.
Step 2: prepare slides.
Step 3: book meeting room.

Etc. I bet as long as I have that guide and book. Everyone. Anybody. Also can do your job.

Likewise if I repeat this experiment with a guide to operate on a brain.
And the student can't or don't dare to cut into a patient and operate. That is skills.

Anybody also can do la. Doesn't justify high pay just to escalate and delegate work lol.

Give me an example of how you manage a project without some form of delegation or escalation.
None right.
Cause there you have it.
Project managers are just people who delegate work.
Can be replaced by AI who does the thinking.

In the future, machine can take over liao.
Machine can predict chess move and make best move after learning past games.
They can learn decision making to manage project.

You are replaceable.
Any role is replaceable, even CEO.

The only reason why project managers exists is because when shat happens, they want to find the single point of contact to answer.

Basically the buck stops with the PM. Similarly if 1 developer can be the single point of contact for all things related to the project, then alright we can dont need a PM.

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