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Fresh grads get to be redesignated to grade 12 within 3 years. But i also see some mid career still get offered grade 12 with 9 years of experience, maybe they did not have local degree, im not sure, i didnt ask bc that guy is my teammate and he still has to attend the MAS Diploma courses which is compulsory for fresh grad up to grade 12. That's how i know what is his grade.

My colleague recently got promoted to grade 10, she is born in 1988. So that's about 10 years of experience? But i also seen a guy only got promoted to grade 10 when he's 43. Another female colleague got grade 11 (mid career), with 8 years of experience.
Thanks for the info! Can I ask, do fresh grad get accelerated/more exposure opportunities quicker than mid hires. Seems as though the fresh grad recruitment process is rather stringent.
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